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So we can work on getting you approved for your loan!!

It's hard to underestimate how much power you get when you walk onto a car lot already approved for a car loan.  Knowing the payments you can expect helps tremendously as well (which is why we have the car loan payment calculator).  

We want to not only help you figure out your car payment amount but help you get approved for a car loan, it only takes a few minutes to apply, so let's get started!

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Is it possible to fix bad credit?

It is definitely possible for you to fix your bad credit, it just takes a little intentional planning and some help from an organization like ours!

There are actually a lot of financing options for buying a car for those with bad credit.  We have worked for a long time in this industry and are some of the very best at getting people approved for a bad credit loan to improve  their credit score over the long haul.

There are three things you will want to think about when trying to repair your credit.

If you can sit down and take the time to make a budget, you will save yourself a ton of grief in the coming years. Lots of people walk onto a car lot, fall in love with a car that costs too much and spend the next 6 years regretting that decision. A lot of angst can be avoided by simply creating a budget and figuring out exactly how much money you have a month for a car payment. Then use our online car payment calculator to figure out how much car you can buy!

Car Loan Help

Here are some things to think about when working with the auto finance industry, these should help you get an idea about what exactly to be looking for:


Try not to finance your car for any longer than 60 months.  If you go much longer than this you run the risk of getting financially upside down in the car you have bought and pay way more in interest than the car is worth.

Loan Rates

Your loan rate does make a difference, that's why getting financed through our application process is a win win!  We work hard to get you the most competitve options possible.  This puts you in the drivers seat!

How Much Cash Down Payment Do You Have

If you can put down 20%, that will help a lot.  But some dealerships will even offer a $0 down deal to entice you in.

No matter your credit history, we can help get you approved!

We've been helping people just like you get approved for a car loan since 1989, we've been online since 1999.  What we do is simple and we are simply the best when it comes to helping people get their new car financed!

All you have to do is click "apply now!" up above and get started!

How our Process Works!

Once you have used our car payment calculator to figure your loan payment, the next thing you do is click "apply now!" up above and begin filling out our online car loan application.  It literally only takes a few minutes to complete!  

The minute you submit that application, all of our nationwide resources begin to go to work for you!  We will pair you with a funding source for your lending needs to help you buy a car!  It's just that easy!

Why would I want to get approved before I go to a car dealership?

The first reason you would want to get approved and have your car financing in hand before ever stepping on the car lot is because you need to know exactly how much car you can buy and feel comfortable with the target amount you qualify for.  This is incredibly helpful to keep you from buying a vehicle that is really too much for you.  

The other big reason is that car dealerships are mostly intersted in getting you into more car so they can make more commission (this is not true of all dealerships - look for dealerships that advertise "no sharks").  But for thos dealerships that are running off of commission, knowing exactly how much car you want to buy will make a huge difference and give you the ability to say, "no, this is how much my car payment is and so this is how much car I can buy."

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